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Jaysur · GloballyMade with mind, innovation never stops

With its innovative technology and craftsmanship, effective quality control system, complete pre-sales and after-sales system, and personalized customized solutions, Jaysur is deeply favored and praised by domestic and foreign customers.
Products are exported to many countries and regions in the world, such as North America, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, India and other 83 countries and regions.

Jaysur · Product Can be customized to meet the unique needs and standards of your industry

Flour dust-free feeding systemDust-free feeding, online screening, multi-point feeding system

Scope of applicationFood processing enterprises that need to improve production efficiency and solve environmental protection and safety problems

FeaturesEnvironmental protection and safety for dust-free feedingSystem design saves spaceOnline screening saves laborPositive pressure feeding "0" power consumption

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vibrating screen30 years of innovation, just to solve your screening problems

Scope of applicationClassification, filtration and impurity removal of dry powder and wet material in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy and other industries

FeaturesThe new vibrating plate improves the accuracy by 5%No dead angle, innovative design, no hidden materialThe excitation source is intelligently variable, and the output can be adjusted freelyUpgrade explosion-proof configuration, safer

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Dewatering screenWater circulation, dry slag discharge, turning waste into treasure

Scope of applicationDry and wet classification, dehydration, de-intermediation and desliming of medium and fine-grained materials such as tailings, coal slime, blast furnace slag, soil remediation, washed quartz sand, and ceramic mud

FeaturesV-type -5° screen surface climbing dehydrationDry discharge material has low moisture contentLarge processing capacity per unit areaWear-resistant sieve plate has a long life

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Four tooth roller crusherUniform particle size, non-stick and non-blocking, dust-free squelch

Scope of applicationLump coal, coal gangue, lignite, anthracite, peat and other materials

FeaturesTooth differential engagement is not blockedCoarse and fine teeth are not brokenBalanced flashback without partial wearLarge teeth, long wear life

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Automatic slag discharge filterRealize unmanned operation, peace of mind, comfort and peace of mind

Scope of applicationPetrochemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical and other industries

FeaturesAutomatic slag dischargefilter cake cleanairtight environmental protectionEnergy saving and high efficiency

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Jaysur · Strength To create high-quality clothing, we will never

Production guarantee

Factory direct sales, can be customized

60,000 square meters of production base, modern factory facilities, with multiple production lines and various general (special) manufacturing equipment, accumulated 10,000+ industry solution experience, can easily meet various production customization needs.

R&D guarantee

Strong team, many patents, combination of production and research

A technology research center has been established, with more than 30 R&D personnel, 208 national patents have been successfully applied, and electromechanical equipment has been independently developed

Quality control

International standards, strict requirements

Strictly implement the international quality standard system and industry standard requirements, from raw material procurement to product delivery, every link adopts scientific and technical processes, pays attention to every detail, and strictly controls the manufacturing quality of products.

After-sales service

Full-cycle service, dedicated project, dedicated service

Pre-sale, according to actual needs and conditions to provide personalized customized solutions to solve your problems; in the sale, one-to-one follow-up needs, installation and commissioning on-site transportation and installation services to ensure equipment delivery; after-sale, set up a customer service center to provide 7 *24 hours a day service, solve customer problems in a timely manner.

Jaysur · Case Unanimous choice of top 500 companies such as Nestle, PetroChina, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

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Jaysur · Impression30 years of perseverance, creating a quality brand

It was recognized as "China Famous Trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.