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Service content
  • 01. Information registration: service staff will carefully register your needs

    02. Recommended solutions: recommend solutions tailored to your needs

    03. Data Determination: After determining the plan, list the product data

    04. Recording data: Technicians record product data that is right for you

    05. Design scheme: According to the product data, we can design a product scheme for you

    06. Determine the plan: After you further determine the product production plan

    07. Sign a contract: Sign a production contract with your machinery

  • 01. Release task: release the production task according to the data determined in the pre-sales service

    02. Arrangement of production: The mechanical workshop starts to produce the products ordered by the user

    03. Quality acceptance: the mechanical quality inspection department accepts the product

    04. Finished product storage: After the product is qualified, it will be put into storage

    05. Pay the balance: the user pays the remaining payment to our machinery

    06. Notify Shipment: Notify users of shipping information

    07. Installation and debugging: on-site installation and debugging of products

    08. Customer acceptance: acceptance by the user on site

    09. Data archiving: keep customer files for follow-up service

  • 01. Problem registration: register customer problems in detail so as to solve problems in an all-round way

    02. Telephone guidance: explain the problem-solving method to the customer in detail by telephone

    03. On-site service: During the warranty period, customers who need to solve problems on site

    04. Return to the factory for repair: For products that need to be returned to the factory for repair, return the product to the factory for repair

    05. System archive: After the maintenance is completed, the record is entered into the system, and the follow-up service is followed.

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